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Emotional Shift: Feeling grounded, centred and whole like I have NEVER experienced in my life. Got over  JPS (last relationship) in record time with no chance of a “relapse”. Improved  self esteem and boundries.  PTSD drastically minimised, balance... can drink very moderately (occasionally) with no cravings afterwards  for alchol, suger or grain, doing less comfort eating this winter, sharper inner GPS, etc  Physical Shift: Cleared out lungs, virus, infection in tooth so no root canal (YEA) eyes no longer itch and  burn and i am still using the same makeup & hair products, etc.  Mental Shift: Clarity &concentration improved, less transposing of numbers, procrastination minimised,  motivated, open to learn new things, not dreading it (electronics) etc.  Spiritual Shift: I feel more loved, connected, grateful, manifesting more good in my life & more quickly,  etc. This is all since October 31st 2010 after one meeting with Steve. There is an etc at the end of all 4  categories because i am expecting continual “upgrades” Will keep you posted. Jill KCMO  From the Inside Out ebook Nowadays many of the spiritual books you find on the shelf are written with a specific purpose in mind. Its  more about exploiting fashionable trends for profit than imparting true spiritual knowledge.  For that reason I have never been a great fan of reading spiritual books believing instead that as spiritual  beings we should be able to communicate and draw on spiritual knowledge for ourselves.  Having said that I understand that its not always possible for people to feel connected to the spirit world  and that spiritual guidance is required in written form, however finding the right book to set you on your  true spiritual pathway is easier said than done.  Is there a book I would recommend? Yes there is its Steve Ives ebook “From the Inside Out”.  Its a fantastic little book that’s simple and to the point. It excels in providing the reader with all the  knowledge they need to help them grow and prosper spiritually. If your serious about expanding your  spiritual knowledge and understanding then this book should be high on your reading list; I highly  recommend it. Alex. Scotland UK Medium/clairvoyant 
Steve: I can see that people make progress; does this growth take a long time? Well a great deal can happen very quickly the impact cannot be understated. BUT it is about what you can do for yourself. I simply give you the toolbox along with the insights that will allow you to grow and all the support you need.
Steve: Does healing work on animals? Yes, actually it is nearly always more effective then on humans. Animals have a greater sense of recognition of that which is authentic; so they will totally accept healing.