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The wisdom of TBU is yours to share.
From The Inside Out
It cannot be learned it can only be given. What can be learnedthrough time and self healing is how to attain the level of awareness thatmakes our full interaction possible
Healers even those who are authentic are often viewed as a last resort when all else fails, with the client carrying the expectation that you are responsible for making them well. Then of course when the healing does not work you are a fraud or a charlatan. So sadly healing for the most part lacks trust or respect.
Full awareness is always retained by the individual so that they along with the recipient have the maximum opportunity to benefit and learn from the experience
We would never be tied to any form of elitist esoteric organization  riddled with obscure texts that can only be deciphered by a chosen few.  What you witness there is pure ego and control; the twin headed monster  that will stifle and pervert the growth of any individual that becomes  ensnared in the fantasy involved. 
Now for us this is an easy question to answer; we have no human body to restrict or contain any of your human emotions, we know only one emotion and that is love without condition expressed to each of you. So of course judgement plays no part nor will it ever need to. But for you as a human being judgement has to be a part of your daily life as you make choices as to how you do what you need to do. There is no spiritual aspect of any kind that will take responsibility for your actions.
For us this has been an opportunity   long in the making and one that  allows an unusual level of interaction.   The imaginary line between us has  blurred and disappeared as growth   and insight has developed.  We look forward to meeting you.  TBU
Your wish to understand yourself better can be easier than you  imagine. We all have a spiritual aspect to our humanness and this part of  our being knows each of us better than we will ever realize. The trick is  to tune in to this part of ourselves and allow it to come fully into being.  Authenticity is there for the asking! 
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The authentic healer has an innate ability to separate their very human and caring desires from the energy of healing;   totally! This in turn allows the full expression of all that is healing.  There are many facets to the authentic healer not just the ability to awaken another. The healing energy they possess will flow constantly  towards those that surround them; it is only the level of interaction that  changes should someone become curious and draw closer. Then an  opportunity for full interaction may present itself. Then you too may see  or experience the movement of Spirit. 
This individual will have chosen to retain the closeness of Spirit rather  than fully embrace a human existence. The way they think is very  different to the majority; so much so that this can and does lead to a  sense of isolation and in extreme cases labels that only serve to highten  the feeling of separation from much of society. The mere fact that they  have been able to retain their connection means that these individuals  are both highly intuitive and sensitive at the same time. It is not unusual  for these people to be unaware of their gifts; there is simply the  knowledge that they are different.
Steve's Ebook