Quite a statement to make and catchy too, but what does it mean I wonder and is it simple. Hay now come on this is EAW its always simple. Do you ever get those days when you feel good about yourself just as you are? Yeah I thought so. Have you ever wondered why that is? Well it normally a time when we do not think but just forget ourselves and ‘BE’ operating purely on instinct. Then of course the thinking brain takes over and what we are supposed to do and how we are supposed to act gets in the way; and bingo back comes all the stuff that we keep inside out of sight of everyone, sound familiar? But what if you could begin to get rid of all of that emotional ‘stuff’ that you carry inside and then in turn allow yourself the opportunity to’ BE’ more often  Is it actually possible?  Well I am not about to con anybody but yes it can be done! It does take time and constant effort to discard those emotions that have the potential to do you harm; but if you can grasp some simple concepts you will be amazed at the difference  in how you feel about yourself. Even better is the realization that as you clear away your old and often hurtful emotions your physical health and well being improves beyond all recognition. That asset alone is priceless!  OK Steve gimmie a clue how do i do this? The answer is just two words Self Healing! It is simple to do but the key is to master the discipline involved in integrating some simple concepts into your daily life.  Then you too can ‘be’ at the heart of your life filled with greater ease and optimism
Be at the heart of your life
Without judgment or condition
Steve I have had a lot of hurt in my life. Can I really free myself from those memories? Yes. Without question; been there done that! You can’t change what happened but you can change how you view what happened. That is when you can begin to grow in spite of the harshest memories!
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Steve: Why does healing help so much? Well what self healing does is to bring you clarity of thought; this in turn allows you to begin to make better choices for your own wellbeing. Whatever the situation there is always a choice to make.
Be At The Heart