When I first heard this phrase I knew instantly that it was one to be remembered. I  figured that the explanation would follow at the right time; and of course it did so lets se  how it all comes out. Are you sitting comfortably? Good then lets begin:  Once upon a time; na just kidding!  As you read EAW you will have seen the reference to your connection to source. Now this  source is the core of your being; it is all that you are and impacts on every possible level of  your existence. It is your inner light. Unfortunately this core becomes masked by by life  and the choices we make. This is not a judgment rather it is a consequence of being human.  The negative aspects of our lives dull and diminish this glow that exists within each of us. I  tend to be very honest in what is shared and this is no exception; we all have negative  aspects/emotions in our lives; for some they are well hidden equally for others the  negativity has a rawness that can be  all too obvious.  Life throws us curve balls all the time, its all part of the experience; notice I said  experience not lessons! How many times do you find yourself making the same choices in life  with both people and situations? I bet you would just love to change that aspect of your  being! The key is a willingness to continually work on the traits of our character that in  truth do us more harm than good.  We, and I mean all of us are Spirit with the skin on and we all have an equal opportunity to  change the habits of a lifetime and fully express who we are with confidence and assurance.  Are you ready for what could be the ride of your life. All you need id the willingness to grow  and the courage to embrace change. 
Spirit with the skin on
Steve Can your connection to source ever break? No that is simply not possible. Although an individual may go through life without any form of acknowledgement of any connection to source the connection remains fully open form the Spiritual side awaiting any opportunity to interact. Spirit is love without condition.
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Steve: Do you recommend any good books on healing and Spirituality? Yes of course MINE! grin! Seriously; no. Very little is genuine and authentic and most books are written to feed  expectations that people have about Spirituality etc.
Spirit With The Skin On
 Spirit is the core of your being!