Self healing has always been part of the human potential but it never really gained any major  recognition until the energy based healing systems began to filter their way west Then of  course some people became aware of the true potential of those two words and understood  that self healing possessed the potential to be the bedrock of personal growth and Spiritual  insight.  But what is Self Healing really?  Well think about you as an individual; throughout life you have made choices and decisions that  have turned out to be less than ideal. Emotionally you have accepted judgments based on those  decisions that have stayed with you and just maybe prevented you from realizing your true  potential  So what do you do?  You look to other people; generally those you respect for advice or assistance; or you might pick  up a book on personal development or spirituality. Sometimes that does the trick, then again  maybe not. Once away from that support and encouragement back come all the doubts, fears  and lack of self worth. Sound familiar?  What if there was a way for you to grow and develop as an individual that was easy to learn and  simple to administer and with time and effort kept you in good shape physically and emotionally.  Would you be interested?  Sounds too good Steve, whats the catch?  Truthfully the only catch is you personally. Are you prepared to embrace simple and non invasive  insights and spend some time really getting to grips with yourself? If you are then I can offer  you a totally unique opportunity that will stay with you for the rest of your days growing and  developing as you do 
Self Healing
Your future in your hands 
Steve I have trouble concentrating and can’t meditate. Will self healing work for me? Yes of course! There is never a need to meditate or concentrate. In fact the opposite is exactly what is needed.  Self healing works at any time
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Steve: Is self healing better than healing from another person? If the healer you go to is authentic then they will give you an amazing boost that will kick start your own self healing. All healing depends on the individual not the healer!
Self Healing