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That is a really apt phrase for me and one that will in turn allow me to put into words the message that  needs to be shared with all those who choose to grow from within themselves.  So bear with me here on EnergyAtWork and enjoy the read.  Even as a child I was always different to the vast majority of people, I simply did not fit in. Were I to  be a young child now I expect I would have a well known label or two; nothing is new really is it. As I  grew older I became aware that people would seek me out for advice, help or a kind word. But then I  had some tough battles of my own to fight so I never really thought about the effect I had on other  people. My initial contact with healing was a real light bulb moment. Why? Well it began the process of  introducing the inner me to myself. I instantly understood the concept of Self healing; to this day I  still use it on a daily basis.    I learnt healing in a structured way and this fitted me for a short time. The more I began to  understand the more I became stifled by what i was supposed to do. I knew by instinct that how I was  being shown by people was not the most effective or lasting way to grow. But at the at that I did not  understand how or why I simply knew. First I needed some solid ground to grow from.  My strong sense of individuality and some unique innate gifts meant that I was encouraged to veer away  from the vast majority of accepted teachings as far as healing was concerned. So I set out to walk the  road less traveled.  Throughout this website you will find straightforward information that has been gained through time  and effort expended on my own very personal journey. My answers and insights have come not from the  words of others but from within me. It is my own Self Healing that has made all this possible.   So come walk with me, no traffic jams here; just a few speed bumps along the way. 
A Road Less Traveled
Steve: You refer to oneness but then you speak of individuality, I’m confused? That I can understand! It is your Spirit within that is the expression of oneness with all things, on a spiritual level! Your human self is unique and an expression of individuality; different in every  way to any other person
Celebrate your humanness and embrace your individuality!
Steve: What about indigo/crystal children? They are not new at all, its something NewAge reinvented. There have always been very sensitive children who find life difficult but are often very gifted. Few seem to understand the ways to help them cope with life
A Road Less Traveled