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So where do we start I wonder what do you or anybody else need to begin to understand and develop as  a basis for lifelong growth? Well I am going to use the best example I know ME! And my own very  personal walk through life.   This first part of your development will be about healing yourself using extremely simple techniques.  But in saying that this can be a personally daunting process to go through as you come to fully  understand yourself. This is part of the reason I have changed the way in which I share the what, who  and why of EAW; its simply that ongoing support is essential, and the once a month meeting and  expansion of insight will provide this. So this is part one with three more to follow.  Healing, personal wellness is a mindset that takes time to develop and it is often as much about what  not to do as it is having a good sense of direction. Healing energy what are the possibilities what can it  do? What is it? Is all energy the same? Just why do we get ill and what can we do about it? This will be  your opportunity to begin to understand the answers and far more besides. Understanding and using  healing energy is the bedrock on which everything else is built. Hopefully with my guidance yours will be  sound and secure.  I hesitate to write much more why? Because for me to build expectations is not the right way to go,  this experience will be shaped by everyone there not just me.  If you are interested or have questions email me. The cost will be $150 all you need bring is an open  mind, lunch to share and a lawn chair. Something around 4hrs is likely, again this is entirely dependent  on the people involved. These groups will be small, i envisage no more than six people  energyatwork@outlook.com
Steve: Will you be talking about Spirit guides and how to connect with them? Yes, this is an important aspect of working with energy and Spirit. Unfortunately there is a great deal of misguided information that only heightens the lack of direction and therefore poor results experienced by many seekers.
Healing, The Myth and the Magic
Insight:nurtured by experience not knowledge!
From the Inside Out