Spirituality you can live with
Steve Why is what I read here different to what I see elsewhere on-line? Basically it’s because I learned in a very different way to most people. From the beginning I learned mostly direct from Spirit rather than another person. So the message and the energy is very different.
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So where did Energyatwork begin I wonder; well it goes back to the 90s when I first became  involved with healing. At that time I was pretty green about the whole thing but I was aware that  some very different things were happening as soon as I began to teach Reiki.   So I started to write (or somebody did) first the course manuals and then a website. It was very  simple I knew even then that what was being shown needed to be shared. Energyatwork was  actually my email address and eventually it became an umbrella for what I was coming to  understand as an approach that could best be described as different. Healing was at the centre  and still forms the bedrock of all that is shared through me.  It was a case of becoming aware of what worked and what was simply a human addition to a way of  working with spiritual energies. Was I given direct answers to my questions? Yeah I wish. All you  will ever get from an authentic guide is an indication of a direction to look in. For an individual to  become relient on Spirit for answers is counter productive and will lead to a dependency on Spirit  for answers; ain’t gonna happen unless of course your guide is self created. That is sadly all too  common. As humans we must find out for ourselves.  Channeling is an overused word and actually  implies separation it does not fit so no labels for me. Let’s just say that if Spirit needs to share  guidance then it will be given in the clearest way possible weather its verbal or written.  So EAW is about sharing the true and total simplicity of Spirituality and healing with me as guide  mouthpiece human expression, whatever label fits with you. Yes it’s as different now as it was  then but the results gained by those willing to step outside the often very rigid framework that  exists around current Spiritual practices the rewards can be staggering. So enjoy the read and  drop me a line or two!
Steve: I want to be a medium; do you teach that? No, I think it is far better to learn to use healing on yourself and simply allow your natural gifts to develop on their own. Having no preconceived ideas is best. Spirit is the best teacher for all of us!