Ok here is what makes such dramatic changes possible in your life. It is through this spiritual  connection that you have the opportunity to really put yourself on track. Notice that I said you and not  me! I can and will give you the benefits of my own experiences and insight gained via my own healing;  but it will be entirely up to you just how effective the tools are that you will be given. Truthfully the  more effort you put in the more powerful and rewarding the experience becomes.  Your connection to God and I use the word to denote the highest source of Spiritual energy has been  with you from conception. With some straightforward insights that I will share you will come to  understand that this unique and very personal connection is the most authentic way to heal yourself  both emotionally and physically.  it is simple in essence; but it is also a large picture with a number of different aspects for you to  understand and master. The most important piece of this puzzle is authenticity; without this telling  aspect you will find yourself running round in circles rather than moving forward and developing as a  human being.  Steve, will my connection draw me closer to God?  Good question and of course the answer is yes. But this has more to do with personal realization rather  then anything you have to physically do. Through your own efforts realize that you will never be any  closer to God than you already are. Self Healing will reveal  a level of simplicity that will astonish you.  There is the potential to go right to the very core of your being and reveal all that you truly are; if you  are ready to take the time and put in the effort needed! 
Steve Does my connection need any form of attunement before it can work properly? No. Attunements are used in healing systems like Reiki but they are not needed. They are humanly created and controlled and as such very limiting. I was very graphically shown this over 20 years ago
Your connection to Source/God 
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Love expressed without condition
Steve: Is a spiritual journey the same for everyone? No each person is unique and how a person progresses is entirely up to them although there are those who will tell you that they know what is best for you; better to find out for yourself! One isze does not fit all!
Your Connection